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About Us

We are two sisters who ran a news aggregator and blog from 2008-2016 offering caregivers the latest information and resources on elderly care, Alzheimer’s Disease and other illnesses.

Caring For Mom And Dad was originally founded in 2008 by two sisters, Josie and Rose who were caring for two disabled parents: their mother had Alzheimer’s and their father with heart and lung illnesses, stroke, broken hip and numerous bouts with pneumonia. Later Betty, another relative, also developed Alzheimer’s disease.  

Fortunately for us, caring for our parents and relative at home  made a big difference in the quality of their lives, in addition to extending their lives.  We feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to care for our beloved mom and dad at home where they felt happiest and most comfortable until the day  they took their last breaths.

Why you should support us?

Our purpose was to provide resources and help to those who were facing the same challenges. We also want to be a community where we can interact and share ideas, stories, advice and news affecting our families and those who care for them. 

A big thanks

With your support, we can raise awareness to the extreme challenges of balancing caregiving and family life and offer solutions, resources and guidance.

There is never a fee to join. 

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